Apply now for fall research grants – deadline August 9

Apply now for fall research grants – deadline August 9

If you are currently working on a research project that aims to deepen the knowledge of and/or explore new therapeutic approaches for Down syndrome, the Scientific Advisory Board of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation invites you to submit your research project. The foundation is looking for projects focused on translational and clinical research that will lead to a better understanding of the pathomechanisms underlying Down syndrome, the identification of potential therapeutic targets, innovation in the development of treatments and, preclinical testing of efficacy and safety of new treatments.                                                            

Autumn 2021 Requirements

The autumn call for proposals is exclusively dedicated to Down syndrome research with advanced and pilot/exploratory grants.

Scope of Research

The aim of the call is to support and strengthen research that will address important fundamental and translational questions related to Down syndrome, such as addressing the aetiology, pathogenesis and progression of the studied condition, early phase clinical studies, ancillary studies based on initiated or completed clinical trials, studies involving patients in the pathophysiological analysis of their disease, epidemiological studies including case-control, cohort, cross-sectional and intervention studies, and neuropsychology studies and development or application of new techniques.

Two types of research projects may be submitted and will be separately evaluated by the scientific board experts or external reviewers if needed for each call:

  • Pilot or exploratory grants aimed at early-stage research projects built on preliminary data or small projects that complement primary larger projects.
  • Advanced grants for larger breakthrough projects with substantial preliminary data. Through this call the Jerome Lejeune Foundation will also support the organization of conferences, workshops and courses. Such projects will also be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board.

NOTE: The funds provided by the Jerome Lejeune Foundation cannot in any way be used to purchase or make use of human embryonic or fetal tissues or another biological material obtained through abortions, IVF or human cloning or to create new human germinal cells.

It is mandatory that researchers follow their academic and national Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) (i.e. all measures that ensure quality, traceability and integrity of the data during all research).

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