Arizona senate pushes forward legislation to protect the unborn with Down syndrome

Arizona senate pushes forward legislation to protect the unborn with Down syndrome

This week, a state senate panel in Arizona approved a bill that would prohibit aborting an unborn baby on the basis of a diagnosis of Down Syndrome or other genetic disorders. Now, the bill will move forward to the full state senate for a vote.

The state senator who sponsored the bill, Nancy Barto, shared:

“I am proud to live in a state that values life — all life. That means we must make these critical fixes to our laws to protect the most vulnerable among us.”

The legislation also bans abortion on the basis of sex or race, and includes additional provisions to uphold the life and dignity of the unborn.

Katie Glenn, a Government Affairs Counsel at Americans United for Life, weighed in on the legislation, speaking to the unique threat faced by the unborn with Down syndrome:

“The most dangerous place for a person with Down syndrome is in the womb. You should not have to be born to be protected against the tragedy of disability discrimination. It’s great to see lawmakers recognize what we all know to be true — that people with Down syndrome have lives worth living.”

Cathi Herrod, current president of the Center for Arizona Policy, lauded the bill, remarking:

“SB 1457 epitomizes the commitment to protect the lives of the preborn and the well-being and safety of their mothers; it clarifies some existing laws and codifies additional common-sense laws affirming the value of all human life.”

You can learn more about the bill in the fact sheet provided by the Arizona state legislature.

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