Canadian Down Syndrome Society creates job network for individuals with Down syndrome

Canadian Down Syndrome Society creates job network for individuals with Down syndrome

In an effort to connect individuals with Down syndrome with potential employers, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) partnered with strategy agency FCB Canada to launch a new job network on LinkedIn called Inployable.

Seeking to fill the “unprecedented labor shortage” descending upon the Canadian job market, Inployable provides resources for people within the Down syndrome community as they hunt for jobs, as well as information for companies looking to hire individuals with Down syndrome.

This first-of-its-kind network is a godsend, as current estimates show that more than half of the Down syndrome population faces difficulties finding a job. Inployable will also show them how them to navigate the site and offer additional support to users as they create personal profiles, such as a LinkedIn Coach, to help them set up and curate their accounts.

When discussing the launch of the network, Laura LaChance, Executive Director, CDSS shared:

“Although many people with Down syndrome have demonstrated abilities and aspirations to engage in meaningful work in the community, a large percentage of the Canadian population with Down syndrome remains unemployed, are under-employed, or may not be working to their full potential. This initiative addresses that disparity. People with Down syndrome have a right to be employed in the community, where they can work alongside people of all abilities and earn competitive compensation.”

CDSS and FCB Canada also released a video advertisement about Inployable, featuring multiple individuals with Down syndrome discussing the difficulties they face when looking for a job, and how Inployable is helping them to overcome them.

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