Competitive swimmer with Down syndrome breaks four world records

Competitive swimmer with Down syndrome breaks four world records

Earlier this month, Dunia Camacho, a competitive swimmer with Down syndrome, was awarded for breaking four Guinness World Record titles.

Born and raised in Mexico, Dunia is 33 and has been swimming for over 25 years. She has earned over 500 medals since she began competing, and was recently recognized for winning the following world titles:

1. Fastest short course 200 metres freestyle swim (female, T21) – 2 minutes 56.20 seconds
2. Fastest short course 800 metres freestyle swim (female, T21) – 12 minutes 38. 74 seconds
3. Fastest long course 1,500 metres freestyle swim (Female, T21) – 25 minutes 06.07 seconds
4. Fastest short course 1,500 metres freestyle swim (female, T21) – 23 minutes 55.07 seconds

Dunia has swum in variety of competitions in countries around the world – from Ireland to Venezuela. In a recent interview, Dunia mentioned that she has been inspired by other athletes whose stories encourage her to keep pursuing her dreams – namely, U.S. Olympic Gold Medal winner Michael Phelps. Not only is she showing the world what individuals with Down syndrome can do, but she also helps raise awareness about the Down syndrome community by working with organizations such as “Sports Union For Athletes With Down Syndrome (SUDS), Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation (Dsiso), World Intellectual Impairment Sport (Virtus) and the Federación Mexicana De Deportistas Especiales, A.C. (Femede).”

Susana Reyes, the Guinness World Records adjudicator who presented Dunia with her titles recently stated:

“Dunia is an athlete full of enthusiasm for life. The support of her family, her coaches as well as her discipline and passion have been the key to her success.”

Winning these four record titles is not only a major accomplishment for Dunia, but it is also a historic moment for Mexico and for athletes with Down syndrome across the globe.

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