Man with Down syndrome pursues dream job as scaffolder

Man with Down syndrome pursues dream job as scaffolder

We don’t all get to land our dream job, but Todd Scanlon just did. The 29-year-old man with Down syndrome has a permanent contract with Coles Scaffolding Contractors and is pursuing his dream job of being a scaffolder.

Todd is greatly enjoying his new job:

I like all of it except the heights. I like being at the bottom of the scaffolding best. It can be a bit scary going up high, because it can be shaky.

I like helping Colesy, my boss. I wanted to be a scaffolder because I like to help people. I carry all the tubes [poles] – the 10-foot, the 16-foot, up to the 20-foot ones.

Martyn Coles says of the decision to hire Todd:

Everyone is entitled to work… I’m more than willing to give everyone a chance.

If you know him, you’ll know that he loves what he does. Anything you ask him to do, he’ll do it.

Todd does all the same tasks as us. He’ll get the tools ready to be loaded onto the van, and he’ll bring all the fittings out from the van at each site.

He does a lot. So far, there hasn’t been any limits to what he can help with – and I don’t think there are going to be any.

Todd is currently a part-time apprentice with the company, but Martyn is working with the Construction Industry Training Board to secure a Level 2 NVQ scaffolding qualification for Todd. We wish Todd the best of luck in his career!

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