Filmmaker raises money to create movie about brother with Down syndrome

Filmmaker raises money to create movie about brother with Down syndrome

Earlier this month, ABC 15 featured a story about an Arizona man who is producing a movie about his brother with Down syndrome.

A decade ago, Luke Johnson told his brother David that he would make him a movie star. Now, as an experienced TV and film producer, Luke is striving to make that promise a reality with fundraising efforts through GoFundMe, social media channels, and even old-school marketing techniques like canvassing.

According to ABC15, the movie is a fictional narrative based on real events from Luke and David’s lives, and “will take the two on a cross-country journey. Luke’s character is healing from addiction while helping David’s character track down a long-lost love he’d met on vacation.” 

When asked how he decided to make a film about his brother, Luke shared:

“He makes everyone laugh everywhere we go, he makes everyone smile everywhere we go… I’ve known his whole life that I had to share him with the world…


You know representation has come a long way in film and television, but it hasn’t gone far enough… David’s experience or people with Down syndrome, it’s not one experience, it’s so unique and so special to each individual and that’s what we’re trying to show with this movie.”

As of this article, over $36,000 has been raised towards their $200,000 goal. To learn more about the project, check out their promotional video below.

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