Girl sings to brother with Down syndrome

When Amanda Gray filmed her 11-year-old daughter Lydia singing to her brother Bo, who has Down syndrome, she only expected it to be viewed by her family and friends. But the charming video has gotten a bit of notoriety on the internet, and for good reason- it’s positively adorable.

The song “You are my sunshine” holds a special significance for Bo and his family; his parents used to sing it to him while he was in the cardiac intensive care unit. Bo was born with multiple heart and lung problems, and was hospitalized for months, undergoing multiple surgeries. Throughout the experience, his parents sang the song to him, and even got permission for a local guitarist to come to the hospital and play it for Bo.

But that isn’t the only impact that music has had in Bo’s life. Bo is two years old, and doctors said that he wouldn’t talk until he was three. However, he now knows 12 words, all of which he learned through music therapy and his jam sessions with Lydia.

Mom Amanda said of Bo’s accomplishments:

We feel like he’s defying the odds. Thanks to Lydia and her determination, she pushed forward with music therapy. … We’re so proud of our kids.

Lydia and Bo beautifully demonstrate how children and adults with Down syndrome can defy the odds, and their video shows how wonderful it can be to have a sibling with Down syndrome.

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