Heidi Crowter fights discriminatory UK abortion law

Heidi Crowter fights discriminatory UK abortion law

24-year-old Heidi Crowter is advocating for babies with Down syndrome, with the goal of changing the UK law that allows babies with Down syndrome to be aborted up to full term.

Heidi was born with Down syndrome, and she proves that people with Down syndrome can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives. Heidi works and lives independently, doing her own shopping, cooking, and cleaning, and loves Zumba and drama. She frequently lobbies and speaks for the rights of people with Down syndrome. She is also engaged and plans to be married later this year.

In a recent televised interview with Claudia-Liza Armah, Heidi explained why the current law is discriminatory – and why it needs to be changed. Heidi stated:

A typical baby can be aborted up to 24 weeks, and then a baby with Down syndrome can be aborted up to full term. As someone with Down syndrome, I find it deeply offensive… 

See the person behind the extra chromosome, see the inner beauty.

Heidi’s mother is also a strong advocate for changing the law, and appeared with her, adding:

Bringing up a child with Down syndrome is very challenging and hard work, but my other three children are challenging and hard work as well – that is parenting.

Stand with Heidi and unborn babies with Down syndrome by supporting the court case to change the law.

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