Jerome Lejeune Foundation now accepting research proposals for fall grants!

Jerome Lejeune Foundation now accepting research proposals for fall grants!

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation Autumn Grant, which is dedicated to supporting Down syndrome research, opened for applications this week. In accordance with our mission of research, care, and advocacy, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation sponsors scientific research on Down syndrome.

Twice a year, the foundation asks scientists working on projects related to Down syndrome or genetic intellectual disabilities to apply for grants to support their work. The fall application process opened this week ­– interested research scientists can apply here! The deadline for applications is August 6, 2018.

Once the application period closes, the foundation’s scientific council will assess the projects and make their selection in December 2018. Grants are awarded for either one or two years and amount to approximately $23,000 USD.

Thanks to the support of its generous donors, the foundation annually funds nearly 40 research projects worldwide, which amounts to more than 1 million dollars annually. In 20 years, these projects have resulted in more than 500 scientific publications.

The application period for the first half of 2018 just closed. Of the 69 received applications, 59 are from Europe, 5 from the United States, 3 from Asia, and 2 from Australia. All share the common goal of advancing research on Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities of genetic origin.

Researchers who are interested in applying for the fall grant can find more information on our French website. It is our hope that the diligent work of these scientists will help us better understand and care for individuals with Down syndrome.

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