Małgorzata doesn’t let Down syndrome stop her from living her best life

Małgorzata doesn’t let Down syndrome stop her from living her best life

21-year-old Małgorzata has dreams. Even at her young age, she has already lived a life marked by exceptional accomplishments, which are even more remarkable considering the fact that she has Down syndrome. Małgorzata is a fan of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation and recently reached out to us with her inspiring story.  

For a decade, she has starred in the Polish Television series Blondynka, which translates to “Blonde” in English. She’s also made waves on the internet, garnering a substantial following on Instagram and sharing about her experiences on her blog. Małgorzata has also been awarded “Volunteer of the Year” in the Polish national competition “Colors of Volunteering” in 2009, among other titles.

Never once has Małgorzata let Down syndrome stop her from pursuing her dreams. “I love life and people,” she tells us.

Honors and fame aside, the central dream that animates Małgorzata’s life is a thirst for adventure. She loves to travel and would love to be able not only to see the world herself, but to enable others like her to overcome existing barriers to do so.

We were overjoyed to hear about Małgorzata’s experiences and share them on the blog – and we know she is not alone. If you have Down syndrome and would like to share your story, please comment below! What are your experiences and accomplishments? We’d love to hear from you.

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