A Jerome Lejeune medical center in the United States will be a reality very soon!

We need your help to bring 40+ years of experience from the Jerome Lejeune Institute in Paris to the US. As we begin the last stretch of our journey to open the medical center in Denver, Colorado, would you consider giving to assist with the opening costs?

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Coming Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Jerome Lejeune medical center for children and adults with Down syndrome in America

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The Jerome Lejeune Foundation medical center will begin with pediatrics, first providing medical care for children with Down syndrome, and will expand later to adult patients. The medical center will provide holistic consultations that are adapted to the individual needs of each patient with Down syndrome and their caregivers.

Over time, it will expand to provide lifelong multidisciplinary care, utilizing the expertise from professionals specializing in a range of disciplines, and offering:

  • Child and adolescent psychiatric services
  • Diagnosis and therapy for sleep disorders
  • Lab services
  • Neuropsychological evaluation
  • Pain management services
  • Pediatric behavioral services
  • Pediatrics radiology services
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Speech therapy (pediatric language development and articulation)

our medical staff

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Other team members
All the genetic material is present in that first cell ... and he did so clearly and so distinctly that Dr. Lejeune made me re-think my position on when there is human life and it needs to be respected.
Dr. John Bruchalksi
Dr. John BruchalksiFairfax, VA
My twins enjoy optimum health for Dr. Lejeune's research in FOLATE the protocol ... We are ever grateful for what changed the course of our babies' lives from that FIRST DOSE. in ONE DAY!
Denise L.Anaheim, CA
I met Jerome, many years ago, when he came to Australia. I was then a young student of medicine. I have named my medical practice after him, so inspired was I by Jerome.
John J.Sydney, Australia

video series

Watch this new video series for a visual introduction to the incredible work of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation.

In 1997 the Jerome Lejeune Institute was founded. This was the first specialized and paramedical consultation center in Europe to provide medical care for 8,500+ patients with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities of genetic origin.

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