New film release: Venerable Jerome Lejeune: To the Least of These My Brothers & Sisters

New film release: Venerable Jerome Lejeune: To the Least of These My Brothers & Sisters

Did you know that a new documentary about Dr. Jerome Lejeune was released last month? Created by Aloest Productions and 4PM Media, Venerable Jerome Lejeune, To the Least of These My Brothers & Sisters offers a glimpse into the life and legacy of Dr. Jerome Lejeune, the geneticist who discovered the cause of Down syndrome, and the Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA’s namesake.

Through a series of interviews with friends, family members, patient families, and colleagues, Lejeune’s inspiring story is brought to life. Their powerful testimonies relate how Lejeune’s efforts transformed the field of research on Down syndrome, and how he fought to protect the rights of the unborn. While Lejeune faced much discrimination for his pro-life stance, he never let the alienation he experienced stop him from pursuing what he knew to be right. As Keena Kampa, a professional dancer and an ambassador of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation stated in the film:

“It’s not religious. It’s not any type of faith. It’s just understanding human life.”

In a recent Vimeo announcement, 4PM Media’s Creative Director, Dan Johnson, and his wife, Lauren, shared a little bit about why they decided to create the film and offer it to viewers for free.

“We’re so excited to partner with Aloest Films in France to be able to bring this film and release [it] for free. We wanted to do it for free because we just want the information out there. We just want more people to hear [Jerome Lejeune’s] story and be more aware…


Dan and Lauren Johnson, with their son, Isaac. Source: Vimeo

Part of the challenge [of our son Isaac being born with Down syndrome] was that we didn’t know much about Down syndrome. It wasn’t a part of our regular lives. For a lot of us I think that’s the case. So the more information that’s out there, the better understanding that’s out there – the more openness to life and the more openness to that community there is…


It’s very personal for us and very personal for a lot of people. We’d love for you to watch it. We’d love for you to share it and send it around to anybody that you can, and we just hope that it impacts people and can help bring a greater awareness for the defense of the dignity of those with Down syndrome, but really an awareness of the beauty that it brings to the world as well.”

At just under an hour long, this informative documentary provides a beautiful overview of the life and work of Dr. Jerome Lejeune. View the film below.

Carrying on the Legacy of Dr. Jerome Lejeune

Dr. Jerome Lejeune worked tirelessly throughout his life to provide quality medical care to individuals with Down syndrome. He knew that people with Down syndrome often present signs and symptoms differently and can be misdiagnosed by doctors who have little experience with the disorder. He knew that by devoting extra time to get to know his patients and providing comprehensive consultations, his patients would receive better treatment and be able to live their best lives.

Jerome Lejeune Legacy Fund

That’s why here at the Jerome Lejeune Foundation, we have sought to bring this vision of care to the United States by opening the first Jerome Lejeune Medical Center in Denver, Colorado for those with Down syndrome. Launched in March 2021, the center currently runs a pilot program providing medical care for children with Down syndrome and will later expand to adult patients.

Will you consider giving today to help carry on the legacy of Dr. Jerome Lejeune?

As we look to expand beyond the pilot program, we need your help now more than ever. In honor of Dr. Lejeune, will you consider a donation to help provide quality medical care for those with Down syndrome in the U.S.?

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