Niece with Down syndrome inspires business venture

Niece with Down syndrome inspires business venture

When Kylie Kaufman’s niece Charlotte was born, she transformed Kaufman’s life and gave her an entirely new understanding of the Down syndrome community. Charlotte inspired Kylie to start her first small business — a customized baby box service. Now, in her latest business venture, Kylie has decided to give back to the Down syndrome community.

Just featured on Fox and Friends in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Lotte321 is a jewelry and lifestyle brand inspired by Charlotte; “Lotte” is her nickname, and 321 stands for the three copies of the 21st chromosome possessed by those with Down syndrome. Kaufman donates 15% of the proceeds from the business to different Down syndrome charities each month.

Charlotte is now five years old, and she brings joy and strength to Kaufman each day. In a past interview, Kaufman said:

Prior to Charlotte, I didn’t know anyone with Down syndrome…

She’s my best friend. I’m obsessed with her. That’s all I can really say.

Kylie’s hope is that one day, Charlotte can take over Lotte321. She realizes the challenges that individuals with Down syndrome often face when it comes to entering the job market, and she wants to help further employment for individuals with Down syndrome:

A lot of [individuals with Down syndrome] don’t have jobs that they should. And that’s why some of the charities I partner with really work on helping those individuals get jobs, interview, [and] learn life skills.

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