Pennsylvania House passes Down syndrome protection law

Pennsylvania House passes Down syndrome protection law

The Pennsylvania House passed the Down Syndrome Protection Act this week with bipartisan support 139-56! (Read more about the law here.)

The bill would prohibit the abortion of a baby that has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

One Pennsylvanian mom who supports the legislation explains the stigma that surrounds giving birth to a child with Down syndrome:

Doctors, nurses, specialists, every person that came into that room said, “Didn’t you have the test?” Yes, yes I had the test. I even had one person say, “Was it wrong?” So there’s the insinuation that your child shouldn’t be here – my newborn that’s in my arms.

Instead of congratulations, this mom heard this.

After trying for two years, Jessica finally was pregnant. What this mother-to-be from Pennsylvania experienced from the doctors, nurses and the medical community throughout her pregnancy and delivery is exactly why we need to pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act (#HB2050).

Posted by Protect at Diagnosis on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation said of the bill: 

Innocent children would not be discriminated against just because they have an extra chromosome…

People with Down syndrome contribute greatly to our families, communities, and workplaces. We urge swift passage of this important piece of disability rights legislation by the full House and Senate.

Currently all abortion up to 24 weeks, with the exception of sex-selective abortions, are legal in Pennsylvania. If the law passes both houses, Pennsylvania would join Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio and North Dakota in protecting the lives of unborn babies with Down syndrome.

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