Pope Francis recognizes heroic virtues of Dr. Jerome Lejeune

Pope Francis recognizes heroic virtues of Dr. Jerome Lejeune

Statement from David Lejeune, President of Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA:

“We welcome today’s exciting announcement from the Holy Father, Pope Francis, bestowing the title ‘Venerable’ upon Jerome Lejeune in recognition of his ‘heroic virtues’—a key step in the investigative process that typically leads to canonization by the Church. Dr. Lejeune discovered the cause of Down syndrome and dedicated his life to providing care and advocating for the medically vulnerable. Consistent with his heroic mission, we are opening our first U.S.-based medical center for people with Down syndrome in Denver, Colorado in March 2021.”

About Dr. Lejeune

Dr. Lejeune was a man of devout faith and an ardent advocate for life, serving as a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences starting in 1974 and becoming president of the Pontifical Academy for Life in 1994. Following his death, the Roman Catholic Church opened the case for his beatification in 2007.

As we strive to carry on Jerome Lejeune’s mission of caring for the vulnerable and honoring the inherent dignity and beauty of every human life, we are delighted about this important development in recognizing the contributions of Dr. Lejeune.

About the Medical Center

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA is opening the first medical center for children and adults with Down syndrome in the United States, offering holistic consultation services. The medical center will be modeled after the Jerome Lejeune Institute in France, where doctors have been working for decades with patients who have Down syndrome!

The Jerome Lejeune medical center will open this spring in partnership with Bella Health + Wellness in Denver, Colorado. We have found a wonderful partner in Bella. The mission of Bella is to embrace the dignity of every person by promoting healing and wellness through a natural and scientific approach with a sincere compassion for life.

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