PRESS RELEASE: Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA to Open First U.S. Hospital Specifically for Patients with Down Syndrome

PRESS RELEASE: Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA to Open First U.S. Hospital Specifically for Patients with Down Syndrome

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA has announced its plan to open a hospital in the United States dedicated to caring for patients with Down syndrome. Within a three-year timeframe, the organization hopes to open the hospital doors, becoming the first-ever hospital in the United States to specialize in the care and treatment of both adults and children with Down syndrome.

While this hospital will be the first of its kind in the U.S., the Jerome Lejeune Foundation already has this type of operation and experience in France. The Jerome Lejeune Institute in France is the Jerome Lejeune Foundation’s specialized hospital, offering unique consultation to patients with intellectual disorders of genetic origin, throughout the patient’s life.

The US-based hospital will be modeled after the Jerome Lejeune Institute in France which offers multidisciplinary health care, meeting not only the patient’s medical and therapeutic needs, but additional needs such as dietary, speech, psychological needs. This unique medical consultation with geneticists, pediatricians, neuro-pediatricians or geriatricians is often supplemented with paramedical consultation, as well as blood samples or second-intention medical consultations with a neurologist, psychiatrist or orthopedist.

By housing a diverse range of medical specialists, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA aims to provide the most holistic care possible to its future Down syndrome patients.

In light of the announcement, David Lejeune, the President of Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA, released this statement during an event at the Heritage Foundation earlier this month:

“We are looking forward to accepting the challenge – which will be, if God wants and with your help, to launch within a three-year period, the first hospital for children and adults with Downs in the United States of America.

We have over fifteen years of experience doing that in Paris where the Jerome Lejeune Foundation this year has reached a record of working with over 8,500 patients with Down syndrome providing holistic care – not just medical care – holistic care.

The reality of it is that by caring for the weak, by caring for the most vulnerable, we are made strong. So if we can launch this project caring for the weakest, we are made stronger. If we are made stronger, we can advocate better.”

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