SCOTUS nominee & Down syndrome – What you need to know

SCOTUS nominee & Down syndrome – What you need to know

President Trump has made an exceptional choice in nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacant seat left by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Judge Barrett has an outstanding track record of protecting the vulnerable and is the mother of an eight-year-old son with Down syndrome. As she said during her 2017 confirmation hearing:

“Benjamin, our youngest, is five. He has special needs. That presents unique challenges for all of us. But I think all you need to know about Benjamin’s place in the family is summed up by the fact the other children unreservedly identify him as their favorite sibling.”

Extending Dignity and Protection to the Most Vulnerable

In 2018, Judge Barrett joined a dissent denouncing an Indiana law that allowed for abortion based on sex, race, or conditions like Down syndrome. The Jerome Lejeune Foundation had an amicus brief regarding the same law filed on its behalf. This is a vital issue, as it is fundamental to disability rights to ensure that the rights of all individuals with Down syndrome are respected, including those who are not yet born.

Judge Barrett championed life in two other abortion cases and her record already stands in stark contrast to the pro-abortion legacy left by Justice Ginsburg. We are hopeful that if confirmed, Judge Barrett will extend dignity to each person, all of us.

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