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“We hate the disease, we LOVE the patient!”

Professor Jérôme Lejeune, about a cure for Down Syndrome (trisomy 21)

The Jerome Lejeune Consultation Video Series
Providing specialized care for those with Down syndrome

Not only was Dr. Jerome Lejeune famous for his brilliant mind, but more importantly, for his caring heart and empathy. As an extension of his medical practice and the mission of the Jerome Lejeune Institute in Paris, the Jerome Lejeune medical center in the United States intends to serve its patient population with the same doctors throughout their lifetimes from our planned location in Denver, Colorado. Consistency, familiarity, acceptance, and understanding are necessary to successfully care for patients with various genetic disorders. Each patient is different, and it is vital for specialists to know the personality and medical history of an individual as he or she grows and develops. This is the primary mission of the specialized consultation at the Jerome Lejeune medical center.

Conducting, promoting, and funding therapeutically-oriented research

Dr. Jerome Lejeune believed it is critical that clinical research not be separated from treatment. The medical center will, therefore, conduct and participate in research programs with its patients in cooperation and coordination with the Jerome Lejeune Institute in Paris. The Jerome Lejeune Institute in Paris will supervise and direct research efforts, in addition to financing the projects that are undertaken. The knowledge attained will have widespread benefit, as the Institute openly shares its data with the international medical community.

Equipping family members to care for their loved ones

The medical center will also conduct informative training courses to help family members learn about supporting and treating their loved ones with genetic disorders. Topics will include early childhood development, sexuality, education and employment, preparing for end-of-life issues and the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease, other health issues associated with their genetic disorders, and other subjects designed to help improve the quality of life for both patient and family. These seminars will serve as a way for families and loved ones to build a community of support through which they can find comfort in friendship and shared experiences.

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