South Dakota governor supports bill protecting unborn babies with Down syndrome

South Dakota governor supports bill protecting unborn babies with Down syndrome

This month, Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota will be addressing the state about a bill which would ban abortion on the basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis. The bill will be presented to the legislature.

In a segment offering a preview of the content of her address, she told Fox and Friends:

“Today, I give the people of South Dakota an update on where we sit as a state, the challenging year that we’ve had but also where we can go from here in the opportunities we can grasp a hold of for families. I will talk about strong families, our economy, how to invest in our future and protecting life.”

Noem appeared with Congressman Sean Duffy, his wife Rachel, and their daughter Valentina, who has Down syndrome. Noem related:

“Every life is precious regardless of the family’s situation… I think little Valentina, right here. Her little face shows what a blessing that she is to this family, they are going to talk to the people of South Dakota and legislators how important that bill is.”

Rachel also expressed what a joy Valentina has been in her life:

“I would just say to any woman who has a diagnosis, who gets that call from the doctor just like I did, Valentina has given me as much joy and pride as any of my other little babies, and she is an American and she has the right to live just like everybody else.”

You can watch the video posted to Governor Noem’s Twitter account below:

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