Daniel Schreck

Daniel Schreck
Daniel C. Schreck

President and Chairman, Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA

Daniel is a partner at Equinox Partners, a global investment manager, where he has lead business development and investor relations since 2009.  Prior to Equinox Partners, Daniel held senior marketing and outreach positions at Sony Music and the Archdiocese of New York.

Daniel graduated with honors from Franciscan University with a BA in biology, from Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, Rome, with a Pontifical licentiate in bioethics, and from Columbia Business School with an MBA.  While in Rome he also studied graduate philosophy at Santa Croce University.

Outside of his profession in finance, Daniel was appointed by President Trump in 2020 to serve a two-year term to the National Council on Disability, an independent federal agency tasked with guiding the nation’s disability policy, where he was an executive committee member.  Daniel taught a masters course on finance and strategy as an adjunct professor at Franciscan University.  He sits on several other non-profit boards including The Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund and Avail.  Daniel was elected to the representative town government for Greenwich, Connecticut in 2022.

Daniel lives in Greenwich with his wife Annie and their eight children, including Rose Guadalupe who has Down syndrome.

Thought #7: Either we will cure them of their innocence, or there will be a new massacre of the Innocents.  
Thought 7
Pr. Jerome Lejeune"21 Thoughts from Jerome Lejeune"
Thought #6: When parents are worried about a sick child, we have no right to make them wait -not even one night- if we can do otherwise.  
Thought 6
Pr. Jerome Lejeune"21 Thoughts from Jerome Lejeune"
Thought #5: Again and again we see this absolute misconception of trying to defeat a disease by eliminating the patient! It’s ridiculous to stand beside a patient and solemnly say, ‘Who is this upstart who refuses to be cured ? How dare he resist our art ? Let’s get rid of him!’ Medicine becomes mad science when it attacks the patient instead of fighting the disease. We must always be on the patient’s side, always.  
Thought 5
Pr. Jerome Lejeune"21 Thoughts from Jerome Lejeune"


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