Kenny McWilliams

Kenny McWilliams
Kenny McWilliams

Board Member, Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA
Associate General Counsel, Software AG USA, Inc.

Kenny currently serves as Associate General Counsel to Software AG USA, Inc., a leader in the Forrester Wave for Digital Process Automation Software.  Kenny is responsible for negotiating and closing multi-million dollar software licensing deals with Fortune 100 companies.  Prior to joining Software AG,  Kenny’s private legal practice included completing transactions for leveraged buyout sponsors and merchant banking funds, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and providing legal advice and support for capital infusions, and early-round financings.  In addition, Kenny concluded investment transactions for major private equity firms, including, for example, KKR, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, TPG Capital, Apax Partners, and Bain Capital.

Before beginning the practice of law, Kenny had a full naval career flying various jets, to include the F-14 Tomcat, which he flew on deployments aboard the USS Nimitz.  Another highlight for Kenny was graduating from the Navy’s TopGun school and instructing new pilots on how to fly the F-14 in a tactical environment.

Kenny holds a BA in Business Administration from Mount Union College, an MS in Systems Management from The University of Southern California, and a Juris Doctor, cum laude, from the Georgetown University Law Center.

Kenny serves as Director and Chairman of the Board of xagent, an insurtech startup.  In addition to the Jerome Lejeune Foundation, Kenny is very involved in other philanthropic pro-life causes, serving as President and Chairman of the Board of Birthright of Loudoun, a 501(c)3 dedicated to nurturing and caring for the unborn and their mothers.  In addition, Kenny and his wife, Ligia, founded Archangel Air, a 501(c)3 dedicated to providing free air transportation for vulnerable persons in need of timely medical treatment, counseling, education, mentoring, family support, maternity housing, fetal protection, foster care, or adoption.  Archangel Air deploys a network of volunteer pilots to fulfill its mission by assisting hospitals and other medical and charitable institutions provide air transport for patients, clients, counselors, birthparents, mentors, family, or foster and adoptive parents, and to those otherwise in need.  Kenny is President and Board member of Archangel Air.

Thought #7: Either we will cure them of their innocence, or there will be a new massacre of the Innocents.  
Thought 7
Pr. Jerome Lejeune, "21 Thoughts from Jerome Lejeune"
Thought #6: When parents are worried about a sick child, we have no right to make them wait -not even one night- if we can do otherwise.  
Thought 6
Pr. Jerome Lejeune, "21 Thoughts from Jerome Lejeune"
Thought #5: Again and again we see this absolute misconception of trying to defeat a disease by eliminating the patient! It’s ridiculous to stand beside a patient and solemnly say, ‘Who is this upstart who refuses to be cured ? How dare he resist our art ? Let’s get rid of him!’ Medicine becomes mad science when it attacks the patient instead of fighting the disease. We must always be on the patient’s side, always.  
Thought 5
Pr. Jerome Lejeune, "21 Thoughts from Jerome Lejeune"


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