Townhall interview: responding to abortion of babies with Down syndrome

Townhall interview: responding to abortion of babies with Down syndrome

You may have seen the recent op-ed stating that women should be allowed to abort babies with Down syndrome because of the extraordinary medical costs. It is an unfortunate truth that parents of children with Down syndrome are often faced with staggering medical costs, but we want to ensure that no parent is overwhelmed by the cost of medical care for their child.

President of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA, David Lejeune, recently had the opportunity to share some thoughts about this op-ed with Townhall:

A Down syndrome diagnosis can be unwanted news, bringing pain and fear for the future… However, caring for children with Down syndrome and advocating for the rights of the unborn are not mutually exclusive.

We can, and should, do both. That is exactly the mission of Jerome Lejeune Foundation – to provide advocacy, care and support for families of those with Down syndrome, many of whom are mothers of modest means.

A woman who decides to parent her child with Down syndrome makes a challenging but rewarding choice. Others decide that a child with Down syndrome will require more than they are willing or able to provide. The choice they face is also challenging… but this choice does not have to be one of life and death.

Read the full article here.

We hope that you will continue to support us as we enable parents to choose life for their children with Down syndrome.

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