Tulsa gym partners with nonprofit to teach individuals with Down syndrome how to box

Tulsa gym partners with nonprofit to teach individuals with Down syndrome how to box

A gym in Tulsa, Oklahoma, called 99 BXNG is now offering boxing classes specially designed for individuals with Down syndrome. The classes are powered by the support of Down to Box, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “empower[ing] individuals with Down syndrome by providing them tools to gain skills in coordination, self-defense and physical fitness through boxing techniques.”

According to a recent report from News on 6, representatives from Down to Box met with coaches from 99 BXNG earlier this summer and trained them on how to best work with the Down syndrome community. In addition to helping people live more fitness-focused lifestyles, 99 BXNG seeks to make sports accessible to all individuals, and its coaches are excited to bring this unique class to the Tulsa community. The coaches have already taught a few trial sessions, and will be starting a 12-week long program next week.

When asked how the trials have been, one of the coaches at 99 BXNG stated:

“It was just so fun. The majority of [the participants] had never boxed before, they picked it up so quick and they just loved it… As soon as it finished, I just remember thinking, ‘I can’t wait until the next class!’ It is just so nice doing something where there is so much enjoyment and happiness.”

Additionally, thanks to the support of the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa, the first 10 adults and 10 children to sign up for classes will receive a 50% discount on their membership.

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