Young woman with Down syndrome pursues coffee shop dream

Young woman with Down syndrome pursues coffee shop dream

Gabi Angelini hoped to work full time at the local grocery store after graduating high school. But when the store refused to increase her hours, she realized she needed to find a different life plan. She applied to other jobs at a local smoothie shop and gym, but was turned down. Instead of being discouraged, she took it as a sign to start her own coffee shop.

Her mother, Mary, said:

We’ve just been praying for God to blow our minds. She’s wanted a restaurant. I said Gabi I don’t know if I can do a restaurant, but how about a coffee shop?

Gabi wants the coffee shop to be a meeting place for the community, hosting karaoke nights and dance parties in addition to serving the usual coffee and pastries.

She began saving all her money, and set up a GoFund me page. Now she has raised almost $42,000. She has already partnered with a local roaster to create an exclusive Gabi鈥檚 Blend. She sells her coffee, along with t-shirts, mugs, and stickers, online and at local events to raise money to open the shop.

Taking inspiration from Wilmington, NC coffee shop Bitty and Beau, Gabby wants the shop to be a friendly employer for those with Down syndrome and special needs. She says:

We all have talents and abilities and we are hard workers and we all deserve a chance to be a part of our communities.

If you鈥檇 like to help Gabi start her business, click here.


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